Do Babies Sweat?

We had a baby in our apartment today. It was here of it’s own free will, I believe. It volunteered to be babysat by my flatmate while it’s mother went to get a facial. I’ll have to learn exactly what a facial is another day.

Anyway, as she babysat, my flatmate posed the above question. The answer was found courtesy of Google and can be found below.

Here comes the science:

Babies are born with sweat glands, and they perspire to bring their body temperature down when they get overheated, as adults do. Unlike adult sweat, however, baby perspiration isn’t stinky. The apocrine glands, which are linked to body odor and clustered in the underarm, nipple, and groin, don’t turn on until puberty. –Hagar Scher

Copyright 2009

Which begs the question: what’s the point of the apocrine glands other than to keep deoderant companies in business? Why does sweat need to be smelly? I see no reason for it here in this one paragraph that I do not wish to further research. Why couldn’t sweat smell like lavender or hot-cross buns?

Why? Because God hates you.


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