Learning, Shmearning!

Today I learned there is an official name for the act of saying a word, then repeating it, while replacing the first letter of the word with “shm”.

william shakespeare words

It’s called shm-reduplication, which is simultaneously both the best and stupidest thing I’ve ever learned.

Shm-reduplication is one of the most annoying practices that humankind has ever adopted (adopted, shmadopted), so it certainly doesn’t deserve to be granted a title that suggests it’s a literary device. Which it isn’t, shmisn’t.

Also, it makes little sense that an activity so utterly stupid should have such a complex title. Shm-reduplication sounds like the kind of procedure scientists in white coats would apply to colourful liquids in test tubes.

science shmience

That said, the only mention of shm-reduplication I can seem to find is from Wikipedia, so make of that what you will.

Except it has its own Facebook page. I can’t bring myself to like shm-reduplication on Facebook though, I’m uncool enough as it is.


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