Random Wikipedia: Kerry Bog Pony

I wasn’t learning anything sitting around the apartment watching TV (satire!), so I decided to hit the random article button on Wikipedia.

I wish I’d kept watching TV.

So prepare yourself, for here it is, in all it’s glory: The Kerry Bog Pony!

kerry bog pony

If you’ve made it this far, you must really like horses. So here’s a bit about the Kerry Bog Pony:

It’s a very old breed of pony, that obviously enough originated in Ireland and was used to haul peat from the bogs. The Kerry Bog Pony was also used to drive the family to church on Sunday, proving that in those days, they’d give anyone a license.

During the 19th Century, the breed’s numbers declined rapidly due to famine-related emigration and the British conscripting them as pack ponies for the Napoleonic Wars.

By the 20th Century, there were reportedly only 40 of them left. But I don’t know who counted them.

The breed has now been acknowledged as Ireland’s National Heritage Pony and breeding in both Ireland and the United States has mostly saved the breed.

If you were actually interested enough to make it this far, then you’re a shoe-in to join the American Kerry Bog Pony Society, where you will find creepy collages like this:



2 responses to “Random Wikipedia: Kerry Bog Pony

  1. Wow homes! Why are you so down on such a historic and noble steed? I wonder if they used them during the Napoleonic Wars because they were the perfect size for the pint sized Napoleon himself?

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