What’s the best way to get in touch with Elvis? (now that he’s dead)

These people here claim they have successfully contacted The King through the medium of a seance. It’s like e-mail for dead people.

And you know it’s for real, because they’ve written this:

The Elvis Seance

A real seance conducted in January

And January’s a real month. I checked it out, their story’s good.

How do we know it was Elvis they were talking to? Because they asked Him, and he said it was. (Him with a capital ‘H’, they insist)

Question: Elvis, are you in this room?

Answer: Yes

Interpretation: We were overjoyed to find out that our efforts had indeed summoned the King. From this answer we can also postulate that Elvis must then be dead. (Reincarnation was out of the question as all persons present were older than 17 years. However, he could have been alive, but outside of our view, i.e. looking in through our window.

“They postulated that Elvis must then be dead.” I bet the coroner’s glad his prognosis has finally been backed up by scientific methods.

At this stage, you may be saying “Whoa whoa whoa, hang on just a second! I hate to get all Dana Scully on this, but isn’t this all a bit silly? And couldn’t their website use a few pictures?”

Well, don’t worry, here’s a picture of the event which I found/made:

elvis the king is dead seance the proof contact ouija board

Photoshop witchcraft or photographic evidence? You decide.

So you’ve contacted Elvis, now what? What’s the first question you’d want to ask The King of Rock and Roll if you could talk to him right now? Here’s the burning question that Team Seance just had to know the answer to:

Question: Do you approve of drug abuse?

Answer: No

Wouldn’t have been my first question, but there you have it. Since the host of the seance was kind enough to publish his email address, I decided to send him a list of questions I had for Elvis:

email elvis the king seance dead rock and roll ouija board
This all sound like a good night-in to you? Well, they’ve been nice enough to relate the details of their seance on their website, so that you and your friends can also contact Mr. Presley.

But, be warned, he’s apparently very busy:

If you wish to repeat this experiment, please be considerate. Many people may wish to contact Elvis, and we are sure he is quite busy. Please treat this information the same as you would if he were alive, and you had his email address – with respect.

seance elvis email dead the king rock and roll voicemail


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