Who is the world’s richest fictional character?

It’s Scrooge McDuck, according to a new list by Forbes magazine; The Forbes Fictional 15.

With the price of gold up more than 30% year over year, Uncle Scrooge’s net worth has soared to $44.1 billion.

scrooge mcduck richest fitional character Forbes magazine 15

Which makes for one kick-ass swimming pool

Not to mention how much he’s saved by not having windows installed into Manor McDuck.

scrooge mcduck gaff manor mcduck

Between them, the Fictional 15 are worth $131.6bn. That’s more than the Gross Domestic Product of New Zealand. (New Zealand is one of the world’s richest fictional countries, it appears ocassionally in the background of the Lord of the Rings films – also fictional)

Other notable entries include Montgomery Burns, the Monopoly Man, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. It’s also nice to see Jeffery Lebowski in there at no. 15.

the big lebowski forbes fictional 15 richest fictional characters

I recommend having a read of the profiles that were written for each. There’s some humorous and startlingly well-thought out analysis of how each fictional character’s worth is valued based on real-world commodities.

Plus, they’re way more fun than the real-life billionaires.


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