Have dolphins ever attacked people?

This question comes in from Peter Tobin.

This was a tricky one to answer. At first, I decided to take my research to the waters, spending several weeks getting to know the dolphins, understanding their ways and allowing them to lower their guard around me enough so that I would be accepted as one of them. Then, and only then, after the dolphin initiation ceremony was complete, would I ask Mr Tobin’s question.

In the end, I decided to go with Option B and look it up on the internets.

After watching a frustrating amount of Youtube videos like this, promising vicious dolphins savaging poor defenceless humans, I began to realise two things:

1. It seems unlikely that dolphins have ever attacked humans.
2. If they ever decide to, I hope they attack the people that uploaded these Youtube videos.

The closest thing I could find to an authority on dolphins was this site from “Dolphin Reef Eilat”, who say that:

There are no known cases of dolphins attacking humans – dolphins by nature are not aggressive. If a human bothers a dolphin, the dolphin simply swims away from him or her.

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