Who are the richest bloggers in the world?

This one comes in from Peter “Petey” Walsh.

So this was kind of a hard one to answer, as I couldn’t find a definitive list. Partly because most bloggers aren’t making their earnings public and even if they are, it seems there’s room for embellishment. For instance, I earn $48,000 for every post I write.

Your typical blogger

However, I did come across this list of the 30 Richest Bloggers in the World as of 2010.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to read the list because I couldn’t get past this grievous attack on the English language:

So there we are. I hope that answered your question, Peter. I know it certainly raised a few for me. Like where am I going to keep all my cash now that my second house is full?

Peter does in fact have a follow up question, which involves The Big Lebowski and interests me greatly. Stay tuned, etc.


3 responses to “Who are the richest bloggers in the world?

  1. Dave,

    This post sent me into a spiral of “how to monetize the internet” links. I was about two clicks away from spending money 47.99…..and I’m not a gullible person. Your website should exercise caution in the links it promotes….and for the love of god…get yourself some banners and Adsense sponsored links….there’s thousands of dollars to be made….every day….while you sleep….thousands. EVERY DAY….WHILE YOU SLEEP!!!!

    Keep learning,


  2. Don’t worry. I have taken with his advice and am founding great success of lately. Before, I was no less than a down on my luck poor man. But when I found with success comes great fortune and many many riches, cash monie’s.

    BUt NOT just with me! this can be for you aswell! Take you’re first LEEP into the ocean of success tonight and sign up now for many months of monies!

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