Are humans capable of purely unselfish acts?

This one from Joe Kiely.

This of course relates to the notion of altruism, or true selflessness. That’s right, we’re getting all philosophimical up in this house.

philosophy thinking shit be for real

The debate on whether or not altruism is actually possible has raged for centuries. Even actions that may appear truly selfless can have selfish aspects to them. For instance, if you give to charity, it makes you feel good. If you jump in a river to save a child, it makes you look and feel heroic.

Same goes for bears:

guy saves bear from drowning altruism

I decided the only way to truly learn the answer to this question is to actually attempt altruism.

So I did.

I donated 10 dollars to charity.

And it felt great.

So great that I decided to treat myself to lunch. But then I felt bad, because it cost more than I donated to charity.

So I tried to give a homeless man the end of my sandwich. But he rejected my offer and called me a “right shit.”

I felt so bad that I went down to the pier to cheer myself up; in the hope that a bear might fall in that I could rescue.

The bears have obviously learned their lesson, I don’t think they go swimming anymore.

I jumped in to try and rescue a fish, but he got away, which made me feel worse.

I returned home wet, broke and hungry.

I hope that answers your question Joe.


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