Koalas get chlamydia

Firstly, that headline would make a great band name. If only I played an instrument.

This morsel of learning comes from my sister Danielle, who seems to be a fountain of knowledge on animal STDs (please explain yourself Danielle).

It seems that chlamydia is a very common disease among the koala bear population.

koala bears chlamydia australia sydney

Not so cute now


2 responses to “Koalas get chlamydia

  1. when you told me you saw koala bears i thought id warn u!! I prob learned it from QI! That is where most of my information come from these days!

    • The koala bear I saw turned out to be made of plastic. It could have had chlamydia, I didn’t check. I also get all my information from QI. But don’t tell my loyal readers or they’ll both start watching it instead of reading this.

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