There’s a King of Sweden. And he loves sex parties

This from the Daily Mail, my favourite source of sexy news.

king gustav sweden sex parties strippers

I’ll summarise the article for you in bullet points, for those of you who don’t have the attention span for paragraphs:

  • There’s a King of Sweden?
  • He’s 64
  • He’s Queen Elizabeth’s third cousin
  • He’s an “habituee” (Courtesy of the Daily Mail thesaurus) of wild sex parties, involving “busty” (earmarked in the Daily Mail thesaurus) strippers.
  • He was allegedly having an affair with this “buxom” girl (it must be true, where else would she have gotten that crown?)
  • The Swedish service were covering it up
  • This is all alleged in a new biography of the King, which already sounds like it might have been mixed up at the printers with Berlusconi’s biography.

Also, I presume I’m not the only one who read that headline, looked at the picture above and thought of this:


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