I’ve been contacted by Our Lord Jesus Christ…

Ya, he sent me an e-mail.

As you can see, he sent me that over a month ago. I probably should have replied sooner, but, you know, I’m a busy guy and that.

Of course, I can’t verify that the email was really from the actual Son of God™, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. And the evidence all seems to point to it actually being him (see exhibit A)

exhibit A

So, to answer your question Jesus, scatalogical is indeed a word.  Scatology is a medical term for those who study poo, or those with filthy, filthy minds.

scatology /sca·tol·o·gy/

1. study and analysis of feces, as for diagnosis.
2. a preoccupation with feces, filth, and obscenities.

Or, the Urban Dictionary has a better definition for it:
Used to describe an idea or way of thinking that is neither sensible or logical. A combination of scat and logical.
“If she thinks she is going to get him to marry her, she’s being scatalogical.”


But the absolute best thing about receiving an email from Jesus Christ, is the Gmail prompt that shows up at the bottom right, suggesting you “Invite Jesus Christ to Chat.”

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One response to “I’ve been contacted by Our Lord Jesus Christ…

  1. Dave,

    Thanks for that, I was curious about the origins of such a word because an angry young man came up to me saying things like
    “you be frontin’ dawg…” and “ya whole bag be full of scatalogical mumbo jumbo”.

    I wasn’t sure how to take it but from your explanation, it’s quite clear to me now that he be fuckin’ trippin y’all.


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