There’s an Apostrophe Society

It’s about time I learned something again.

While reading a story about Waterstone’s dropping the apostrophe in their name (the BBC are all over it), I almost blurted out my hilariously tiny cup of English breakfast tea upon reading this line:

chairman of the Apostrophe Society John Richards has condemned the change, calling it “just plain wrong”.

There’s an Apostrophe Society? How have I not known about this before? I’m madly in love with the apostrophe and regularly get off on correcting the misuse of it.

This is my heroin

In fact, their full title is The Apostrophe Protection Society and judging by their logo, they are akin to the Justice League in both mission and style.

Honestly, I would love to join, but I’d imagine they have a very strict selection process. It’s probably like the Stonecutters, you have to save the life of a member or your father has to be  a member.

I think I would be disappointed in my Dad if he was a member of The Apostrophe Protection Society, so I’m just going to hang out by chairman John Richard’s house and Heimlich him when he chokes on a chicken wing or something.

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