Airplane! is not called Airplane! in Australia

It’s called ‘Flying High’ for some reason.

And it’s not just Australia that doesn’t seem to know what an airplane is. New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and the Philippines also know the greatest comedy ever as Flying High.

Flying High 2: The Sequel

I can’t seem to find any reason why the title was changed, so if anyone knows, please write in.

What’s even better though, is the German title:

Die unglaubliche Reise in einem verrückten Flugzeug

The title translates to English as ‘The incredible journey in a crazy airplane’, which I think you’ll agree is far better than the original title.

In fact, the entire film seems to be funnier in German.

Eh? WAS?

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4 responses to “Airplane! is not called Airplane! in Australia

  1. I know why it is called Flying High in Australia !!!! Or at least I think I do !! I
    In May 1980, i went to see the Get Smart film, the Nude Bomb and they also screened an unnamed (name not on the listings) bonus film which was called flying high. It turns out the producers wnated to test drive the movie prior to its release in July 1980 and they changed the name obviously not wanting leaks. I was very fortunate to see this advance screening. Becuase of the noise levels of laughter in the theatre, there were so many lines I didn’t hear, had to wait until december for the official release in Australia before I could see it again. So this is why I think it was called Flying High in Australia, not sure about the other countries though, although they may have done a test screening there also.
    BTW. Watching the main feature, The Nude Bomb, after watching Flying High, was such a comedown. This movie was a dud anyhow, but after Flying high it was like watching a documentry on german machine drilling techniques. I think most the audience left before the end.

  2. Thanks Blu, that was genuinely interesting! I understand why you say they may have changed the name for the test screening, but why do you think it stuck? Good word of mouth from the test screenings maybe? Would have loved to have been there with an audience experiencing it for the first time, not knowing what it was. Must have been amazing! I didn’t even know there had been a Get Smart film (besides the remake), don’t think I’ll be checking it out on your recommendation.

  3. British English uses the term “Aeroplane”, not “Airplane”. Australian English is predominantly based on British English. That could be it.

  4. I’ve always wondered why it is called Airplane in Britain. Surely it should be Aeroplane? Or Flying High

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