There are 16 words in Japanese for “poo”

Eimear Boyle on Facebook has informed me that there are 16 words in Japanese for fecal matter. I haven’t been able to find all 16, but here’s four I did find, from Japan Probe:

  1. unpi 「うんぴ」 : Diarrheal stool. Could be connected to overeating, having a cold, or stress. It is usually a yellowish-color and it has a very strong smell.
  2. unnyo 「うんにょ」 : Soft and tender poop, but not diarrehea. It comes out when you are feel some indigestion. Yellow-ish or light brown in color.
  3. unchi 「うんち」 : Nice poop. It comes out when you’ve been eating healthy balanced meals. It has a clean brown color and doesn’t smell very much.
  4. ungo 「うんご」 : Comes out when you’ve not been eating enough vegetables, and you’re probably constipated when you squeeze out an ungo. Ungo is dark black and really stinky.

Dodgy English aside, there’s a couple of things I noticed about this. Firstly, how do you know that you’ve just squeezed out an unnyo? I wouldn’t be too quick to find out if it’s soft and tender. Secondly, I love the description of unchi. Nice poop. Enough said.

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