Leonard Nimoy opened an exotic pet shop in 1969

Leonard Nimoy Pet Shop

I think that pull-quote pretty much sums it up. Apparently Spock’s weak point was… elephants.

Leonard Nimoy’s Pet Pad (what a name) also stocked chipmunks, monkeys, crocodiles, boa constrictors, a South American otter and cats and dogs.

EXOTIC cats and dogs, presumably.

I can’t find any sign of whether or not it’s still there, so if someone lives near Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley, can you go look for me please?


7 responses to “Leonard Nimoy opened an exotic pet shop in 1969

  1. No, it’s no longer there and hasn’t been for a very long time. If you look in the background you’ll see the Holiday Theater. Used to go there when I was a kid. I remember “JAWS” on that marquee back in 1975. I don’t recall Nimoy’s pet shop being there even then, so I’m guessing that it was only open for a few short years, probably closing in the early 70s.

    • I remember the Holiday Theater. I used to go there all the time in that time era. Seems like I remember an exotic pet store there in that area, but I didn’t ever go there. I wasn’t much into Star Trek at that time, so I didn’t pay attention to the store name.

  2. I remember “JAWS” on the marquee at the Holiday Theater (in the background) in 1975 when I was 7 years old. I’m almost positive Nimoy’s shop wasn’t there then (I loved pet stores and it was the type of thing I would have noticed). I’m guessing it only lasted a few years then closed, probably in the early 70s. Otherwise I would have begged my mom to take me there.

  3. It’s an Asian restaurant now. Send me a Facebook friend request and ill show the photos. Send me a message too
    Dan Pennington
    Danny Pennington

  4. It was only open about a year and half, I worked in the shop as the manager, he co-owned it with my boss.

    • hi lisa with cbs, I am working on a story and want to include the shop…all the pictures i see online have no reference…do you have any pics or know where the newspaper clippings i see when i google are…looking for any of his kids and him as a tribute..sign or if you know who the newspapers are that did the shots we google…deadline asap.

      thank you so much.

      lisa sigell

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