Geri Halliwell used to date Jerry O’Connell

I’m gonna go all “celebrity gossip” for a change. Celebrity gossip from 10 years ago that is. Today, I learned that Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell used to date Slider Spice Jerry O’Connell, way back in 2003.

Jerry on Geri Action

This was strangely fascinating to me, mostly because I find it hilarious that they’d each be calling out their own name during sex.

Here’s an extract from the aptly named Jerry O’Connell fansite “”:

No problem for Geri Halliwell’s latest flame, actor Jerry O’Connell – he’s reading a copy of her autobiography to make sure he’s up to speed with her exciting life. Now he can find out all about Geri’s time with the Spice Girls, developing bulimia and losing her virginity to “an ex-public schoolboy with a toffy accent”.

I learned two more things from that extract that I wish I could unlearn.

Watch this space for more on the hottest relationships and breakups that everyone was talking about 10 years ago.


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